lisp unleashed

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

Hi There!

I am David Krentzlin, I live in germany and am passionate about computer science and how people work together to solve complex problems. I am a programming language geek, somewhat obsessed with typed functional programming, a self-driven learner, a growing teacher and interested in a whole plethora of technical topics like:

  • type systems
  • distributed systems
  • concurrency
  • cryptography

At the same time I’m curious about how people work, how we think, feel and ultimately come to terms with our unique set of skills and shortcomings. I try to understand how we can sustain in this industry, keep learning, face successes and failures, and bring forth the best in us without losing ourselves, our humanity or our private lives.

Currently I work as a software engineer on the IPA team at XING SE. We are building and maintaining API infrastructure, most notably our GraphQL gateway. Here I get to work with some of the sharpest, nicest and most inspiring people I have met sofar.

Cheers! David